Solving your business problems with insightful thinking, solution engineering and industry experience.


Solving your business problems with insightful thinking, solution engineering and industry experience.

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Enterprise DevOps and Cloud Migration Solutions

We help you migrate your workload to AWS or Azure and optimize your infrastructure. We deliver DevOps automation solutions arcoss lifecyle of your applications using tools like Docker, Chef, Puppet etc. Our solutions empower you to shorten your release cycle time.


Cloud Strategy

Building high-availability, secure and risk-free cloud strategy for next-generation digital organizations which allows faster collaboration and innovations.


Cloud Migration

We use automated management and migration tools to support a flawless transition, along with a cloud transformation management plan to help you stay on track.


Cloud Assessment

Our discovery and assessment service helps in detailed inventory of your environment along with a proposed migration plan, methodology, timeline and cost.


DevOps Automation

We thoroughly analyze your digital applications and their lifecycle to automate all delivery pipelines for faster rollout of features and functionality.


Migration Planning

We turn the proposed plan from the discovery and assessment phase into an executable plan with minimal disruption to your business operations.


Cloud Administration

We can help you with complete support for monitoring and managing cloud environments, system software, infrastructure configurations and costs.

Application Modernization and Migration Approach

We imbibe simplified Cloud approach to transform your organization

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Partnering with 100+ of businesses globally in their digital transformation journey and delivering exceptions solutions.

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We Deliver Happiness to our Customers by meeting their expectations

We are realistic about there may be disruption or issues, but we wanted to have clear communication and faster responses. And Innomick built our trust by being proactive, responding to our requirements and keeping us informed always. They helped with solutions like centralized configurations and unified interface to trigger backup and recovery etc. And the result has been delivered with enhanced reliability and increased bandwidth at a lesser cost.

Founder, US based Healthcare Company

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Why choose Us?

End-to-end DevOps automation and Cloud management solutions to make your project a success


Fast Turnaround Time

We deliver results in lighting speed to ensure we never miss a deadline using detailed scrum planning to ensure everyone is on the same page each day.


Lean and Focused Team

We donʼt claim to work with every technology that is out there. We know what we are good at and make sure we get even better at those with 97% success rate.


Deep Business Understanding

Through our in-depth industry knowledge and experience digital technologies, our personalized solution engineering have impacted client ROIs by over 2 times.

Consult us for your DevOps and Cloud Strategy

We have delivered successful DevOps and cloud across industries, and we can help you too. Schedule a risk-free consultation call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Move away from capital expenditure to operational expense

Large upfront capital expenditure is a common requirement with traditional on premise IT infrastructure. With Cloud, instead of upfront purchases of server hardware and software you move into a predictable ‘pay for what you use’ utility based monthly expense.

  1. Applications that can talk to each other and integrate

Cloud based applications allow to be extended upon and integrate with each other through published API access. Integration between different Cloud applications offers new opportunities for streamlining your business processes and remove the need for data re-entry.

  1. Overall savings in costs with economies of scale and better efficiency

There are many reasons why the Cloud is cheaper. The most obvious of them is that the large Cloud providers are able to benefit from huge economies of scale and thus be able to offer more computing power at a lower cost. There are many other reasons such paying for only what you use, being able to scale resources up or down as and when required.

  1. Scale up or down easily and on demand

One of the biggest challenges facing large organizations is how to cope with peaks and troughs of demand and even getting the capacity planning right from the outset to meet future growth. Aside from the cost there are often technical limitations or challenges to easily scale systems without interruption with traditional infrastructure, Cloud simplifies this.

  1. Mobile device ready

Today, in modern organizations, employees are accessing Company data from a variety of devices and from a variety of locations. This flexibility is made easier by the use of Cloud services and makes the mobile device experience better.

  1. Speed of delivery

With traditional systems, the time taken to commission, implement and configure services is generally measured in weeks or months. With Cloud delivered services a Company could get services up and running within a matter of hours.

  1. Giving the control back to users

One of the most significant trends brought on by the growing popularity of mobile devices is the ‘Bring your own device’ model within organizations. Combined with Cloud services the traditional model of IT department driven decision making is moving towards user and business driven needs first.

  1. Data driven intelligence:

With Cloud based applications and services, it is far easier than ever to pull together different strands of data, from a multiplicity of sources, and perform advanced analytics and reporting in real-time.

  1. Easier system upgrades and patches with less hassles:

Maintaining up to date software is one of the biggest headaches faced by the IT department. With Cloud systems, ongoing upgrades are performed automatically as part of the normal service delivery and done on a regular basis behind the scenes with little or no interruption.

  1. High level of security:

When Cloud Computing first started, one of the biggest areas of concern was security. After some time, people are now starting to realize that this fear was misguided and that well-run cloud providers offer higher levels of security than they can with on-premise infrastructure themselves.

While undergoing cloud migration or adoption, enterprises need to strategically plan for crucial cloud management challenges including:

  1. Security and compliance have been a major concern for large enterprises making a move to either a public or hybrid cloud network. You need to have a clear mandate for policies and assign responsibilities to secure data, ensure it stays private, and comply with regulations.
  2. Re-skilling from application architecture to infrastructure architecture is a challenge that could be easily labeled under organizational competencies. This can radically question both the technical and managerial talents of an enterprise.
  3. Workload migration from the data center to the cloud can be a planning nightmare. Defining the scope of workload migration to maximize cloud efficiency and scalability comes from carefully planning and executing the desired approach.