DevOps – The New Era of Development


Companies in any market today are afraid of being left behind by their competitors. With the huge development in technology, one needs to cope up and make sure that nothing is being left behind in their operation. And that’s a very crucial part and needs to be taken care effectively. Digital transformation is almost impossible without well-placed collaboration between different teams building and running IT systems. The speed of technology change is so quick that no one team can expect to understand all the details of relevant technologies, so we need to enable teams to focus on a smaller problem domain. Without a foundation of infrastructure automation and well-chosen team collaborations, the rapid pace in digital transformation would be impossible.

Digital transformation disrupts every industry vertical, and applications are the key differentiator between who succeeds and who misses the bar. Every successful application needs a successful strategy. For modern web and mobile apps, we look to DevOps.

However, not being updated with time, many companies faces challenges and lose millions in revenue. With the tough competition, consumers chooses only the best to be found in the market. Therefore, this is the part which DevOps takes care of.

DevOps can be explained as a set of tested practices that smoothens out the process between IT teams and the development of soft wares in such a manner that they can run, examine and get it into play in a very short span of time. It is the time that gets narrowed down in the process giving one the first mover advantage in the market. One such mobility DevOps consulting service provider is Innomick, which brings in the best integrity, culture and philosophy and combines it with work ethic in order to speed up the process like never before. It is considered that DevOps is only for the companies, which respects the integrity needed between Development and Operation.

There are top players in DevOps development, however, choosing the right one for your product is much needed. Your selection can be based on various factors including –

  • Priorities – No one prioritize a small billable over a big one. Therefore, go through the client list of any prospective partner for your DevOps because you don’t want to be in second list.
  • Experience – There are a lot of players who are in the field for years now. Mobility DevOps consulting services are now their main billable. Well, these kind of companies are the one whom you want to tie patches with. DevOps is not a job for the beginners. One needs to be in the field and learn all the operational odds that the company has to go through. With this particular motion, one can learn how to experience and handle the chances whenever necessary.

DevOps becomes more than just a nice-to-have component of digital transformation, it’s critical to know the aspects that bring the best ROI from its adoption. As it brings together cross-functional teams to collaborate and streamline results into business outcomes, it requires tools that manage business, performance, and user data in one platform; it requires Application Intelligence. This eBook delves into the best practices in implementing DevOps toward your digital transformation.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 best practices of DevOps:

5 DevOps best practices that help in accelerating digital transformation journey

  1. DevOps changes the cultural mind-set
  2. DevOps unites people, process, and technology
  3. DevOps helps uncover patterns that help organizations improve
  4. DevOps helps teams self-steer toward better solutions
  5. DevOps makes automation a priority

As customer interactions and learning from them is increasingly digitally enabled, the key enablers of competitive advantage become:

  • The ability for the business to understand/interpret feedback from digital interactions quickly,
  • The ability to design changes based on this feedback to improve the product / service,
  • The speed at which the business can reliably implement those ideas and get them out to market to start learning again.
  • Essentially, DevOps enables the three bullets above, which enables digital transformation. Often this happens in pockets in large companies, so the ability to truly transform depends on the ability to scale.”

DevOps has seen a lot of chances since its foundation. And every other new player in the field gets the best out of it and make the operations the right mix with development. This is something that every other company needs to cope up with. Operations in simple words can be mentioned as the execution of the plans and goals of an organization, which is must to be attained for the survival of the organization. This is the sole reason to go for best DevOps Consulting Companies.