Solving your business problems with insightful thinking, solution engineering and industry experience.


Solving your business problems with insightful thinking, solution engineering and industry experience.

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Social Chatbots Solutions

Enabling Intelligent conversation with customers


Conversational Design

We design native conversational design experiences across social interfaces integrating their text or voice features using NLP based content and context understanding and delivering exceptional experiences to your customers. We deliver either guided or natural design to converse with your customers.


All Social Chat Apps

We design social apps for all popular social chat platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, Line, WeChat, etc. We integrate these applications using APIs and AI engines to understand user's questions and then queries your business logic using APIs and delivering the right answer at the right time.


Chatbot Engineering

Each social chat interface like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype has its own programming model, we understand each architecture and using API first approach, we integrate your business systems to deliver conversational answers to the customers that help you increase sales, reduce complaints.


Train and Support

All NLP based chat interfaces require you to train your data model who can understand chat content and context to deliver the right answer. Our experts build training models to train your AI engine throughout your chat development journey and provide life long support and maintenance.

Tools we work with

Development platforms that we leverage for building intelligent bots

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Clients and Partners

Partnering with 100+ of businesses globally in their digital transformation journey and delivering exceptions solutions.

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What clients say about us?

We Deliver Happiness to our Customers by meeting their expectations

We are realistic about there may be disruption or issues, but we wanted to have clear communication and faster responses. And Innomick built our trust by being proactive, responding to our requirements and keeping us informed always. They helped with solutions like centralized configurations and unified interface to trigger backup and recovery etc. And the result has been delivered with enhanced reliability and increased bandwidth at a lesser cost.

Founder, US based Healthcare Company

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We make every engagement a success with thoughtful engineering


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Why choose Us?

Engage your customer 24X7 on your digital interfaces and social media


Fast Turnaround Time

We deliver results in lighting speed to ensure we never miss a deadline using detailed scrum planning to ensure everyone is on the same page each day.


Lean and Focused Team

We donʼt claim to work with every technology that is out there. We know what we are good at and make sure we get even better at those with 97% success rate.


Deep Business Understanding

Through our in-depth industry knowledge and experience digital technologies, our personalized solution engineering have impacted client ROIs by over 2 times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’re a few key steps involved in developing a complete functional Chatbot from scratch to production

Step 1: Analyze, and understand on your business requirement and use case and know why your business needs a Chatbot in your Website or mobile app.

Step 2: Now once you have analyzed your business requirements and know that you need a chatbot for your business, then:

Step 3: Use a system that tracks each message between user and Chatbot.

Step 4: Work on well-versed Intent Fulfillment Logic after you get NLP response. And cover all the aspects by adding fallback business logic too.

Step 5: Then rigorously unit test your Message state logic, Intent fulfillment logic and fallback logic for all the edge cases that you can think of.

Step 6: Then make Quality assurance team or the business analyst do a rigorous Quality assurance check and user acceptance test before deploying to reduce bug chances.

Step 7: Deploy your ChatBot in Cloud (Azure/AWS) for public access.

Step 8: Integrate ChatBot application into your Website / mobile application.

Chatbots require a lot of training. All you need to do is to create a question, formulate an answer and subsequently you train your bot with various kinds of ways you can ask the question that needs exact same answer. And after entering enough training questions, chatbot will find similarities in the phrases. So if you ask a question that is not in the training data, but resembles to some specific group of training questions, the bot will respond with the answer from that group. In short, chatbots can match questions to answers. But it can not create an answer so make your expectations clear.